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The company successfully trial produced large power gearbox used in 23KW gas turbine, accessory gearbox and planetary gear increaser used in 6000 cubic meter oxygen generator, all of them has reached the design specification of imported prototype.
Our company provided A701 - 6 high speed gear box (40 000 r / min) for China's first geostationary satellite and ground radar stations, consequently we received the congratulations and awards from CPC Central Committee, State Council, Central Military Commission and the Ministry of Machinery Industry.
Our company also produced large-scale high precision synchronous tracking gear device for 2.16m telescope, with techniques of international advanced level and quality indicators better than that of similar products produced by Magg from Switzerland and the periodic error is only 0.36 arcsec. This product won the first prize for Scientific and Technical Awards by Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Our company provided over 400 sets of screw elevators and gearboxes for Baosteel¡¯s 140 tube rolling project. The products were well accepted by German experts, and were included as one of the product standards in national heavy machinery industry.
The "Sixth Five Year" key project of "Basic technology research of high-speed and heavy-duty gear" conducted by our company received approbation from the Ministry of Machine Building and Electronics Industry (MMBEI), and won the first prize of Scientific and Technical Awards by MMBEI. On the "Sixth Five Year" Achievement Exhibition held in Beijing, Peng Zhen, the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress wrote an inscription: "Gear is the key, the key is in the gear, let¡¯s do our best."
The company successfully produced 36,000 watts gas turbine load gearbox, which was the biggest in power at that time in China.
17 sets of gearbox for 300,000 ton alloy bar rolling mill production line in Shanghai No. 5 Steel Factory have been installed and put into use. It was certified that the quality of the gearboxes has reached the international advanced level in late 1980s, and set precedents that domestic gearboxes were used in sets on the bar mill production line and the domestic steel production line totally use the domestic gearboxes.
With the approval of the Trademark Office in Jiangsu Province, our factory registered the trademark for "NGC" product.
The complete set of BNS 200,000t bar mill gearboxes exported to Thailand and 2500KW mill cement mill gearboxes exported to Philippines not only ended the history of zero exported gearbox of our country, but also improved our reputation in the international market.
Our factory passed ISO9000 quality certification.
The company won the title of "Equipment Manufacturer with Outstanding Quality for Baosteel Phase III ".
Our total output value in gear industry ranked among top 100.
The market share of our metallurgy, power generation and building material gearboxes ranked 1st among the domestic market of similar products in Nanjing.
The National Computer Integrated Manufacturing System (CIMS) Demonstration Project - The Computer Integrated Manufacturing System of Nanjing High Speed Gear Factory (NGC-CIMS) passed the acceptance of the Acceptance Committee.
The company won the title of The Star of Competitiveness in China Machinery Industry.
The company ranked 2003 China Machinery Top 500.
The Company ranked 2003 China Enterprise Informatization Top 500.
NGC Gearboxes won the title of National Consumer Quality Trustworthy Product.
The company won the title of National User Satisfaction Enterprise on Product Quality and Service.
The company successfully got in the international purchasing chain of GE America.
MFY, MLX, MBY series products under the brand name of NGC were awarded the title of The Famous Brand in China Construction Materials Industry.
The company¡¯s 825KW wind power gearbox passed the Identification of Jiangsu Scientific and Technological Achievements.
The company¡¯s FDP/FDB1.5MW pitch & yaw gearbox for wind turbine passed the Certification of Jiangsu Scientific and Technological Achievements.
The company¡¯s FDP/FDB1.5MW pitch & yaw gearbox for wind turbine obtained the Outstanding New Products in China Gear Industry Top Award.
The company received the certificate of National Class ¢ò Machinery Manufacturing Enterprise on Safety Quality Standardization.
The company obtained China Informatization Top 100 Award.
The company passed ISO14001: 2004 environmental system certification.
The company passed through BV marine products factory certification by Bureau Veritas.
The welding factory of the company received the marine product shop approval of several classification societies like China Classification Society (CCS), Lloyd¡¯s Register of Shipping (LR), Germanischer Lloyd (GL) as well as Bureau Veritas (BV).
In April, the company chairman and general manager Mr. Hu Yueming won the title of National Labor Award.
In September, NGC gearbox won the Title of China Name-Brand Product.
The company was honored as Leading Enterprise of China Industrial Branch in 2008.
On October 31, the member of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang visited our group company for investigation and research.
On January 10, the member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee and Premier Wen Jiabao visited our company. Premier Wen Jiabao was very happy to see the good spirits of our staffs and the developing trend of the enterprise. In a short message he told the staff that ¡°I feel inspired after visiting your factory. Even in these difficult economic times, the business outlook of your company is positive and optimistic. Why is this? It is because you are standing at the forefront of the wind power generating industry. This is an industry which is badly needed in the international market place today. It tells us the simple truth that we need to grasp opportunities and market shares in order to cope with financial crises. What shall we depend on? We depend on competitive products! I wish you continued success.¡±
On February 2, the member of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee and the Vice Premier of the State Council, Mr. Wang Qishan came to visit our company for investigation and research.
On February 13, the member of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee and the State Councilor, Ms. Liu Yandong came to visit our company for investigation and research.
On April 10, Chen Changzhi, the vice chairman of The Standing Committee of National People¡¯s Congress came to visit our company for investigation and research.
In April, the company won the Jiangsu Labor Award.
On April 22, Mr. Xi Jinping, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Secretariat of the Central Committee and the Vice president, and Mr. Li Yuanchao, member of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee, the Secretary of the Secretariat of the Central Committee and the Head of Organization Department of CPC Central Committee came to visit our company for investigation and research.
In April, the company won the title of Management Model Enterprise and Modern Management Enterprise in National Machinery Industry.
In July, the company chairman and general manager, Mr. Hu Yueming won the title of The Star of National Machinery Industry Entrepreneurs.
On 30 November, Prime Minister of the EU Presidency Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt and his team came to visit our company.
In December, the company won the title of National Enterprise Culture Construction Best 100.
On 16 April, the board of the company confirmed that the output of our wind power gearbox in 2009 is 6300MW, ranked the 2nd in the world.
On 19 May, over 40 people¡¯s group of the CPPCC Standing Committee members, led by Mr. Zheng Wantong, the vice chairman of the CPPCC, accompanied by Mr. Zhang Lianzhen, the chairman of Jiangsu CPPCC, came to visit our wind production facility.
In June, Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully developed the first 3000HP rudder propeller in China.
On 30 July, the Conference regarding 2010 Research Report of Top 500 of China¡¯s Machinery & Top 500 of World Machinery was held in the Great Hall of The People in Beijing. The Company ranked as 142nd our of Research Report of Top 500 of China¡¯s Machinery.
In December, the largest side thruster in China, which is powered at 3000HP with the blade diameter at 2750mm, passed the certification by the classification society, the ship owner, representatives of ship yard and marine experts.
In December, the first domestic CPP propulsion with steel made high speed shaft underwent the sea trial successfully. The shafting of this system is 39 meters long in total, made up of one 25 meters high speed shaft system, one gearbox and one CP propeller, and the R & D of the whole system was done in house.
On 24, December, the group led by Mr. Liuqi, the Deputy Director of National Energy Administration, came to visit our Company.
On 25 March, our Company announced the annual results, and the sales revenue in 2010 reached to RMB7.393 billion, an increase of 30.9% comparing to the last year; of which the sales revenue in wind transmission equipment sector accounted for RMB5.458 billion, an increase of 43.4% comparing to the last year.
On 27 May, the 2011 Information Meeting regarding Top 100 Enterprises of China¡¯s Machinery Industry & Top 30 Enterprises of Automobile Industry and Machinery Industry Development Strategy Seminar were held in Beijing. Our Company ranked as 35th out of top 100 in 2010 China¡¯s Machinery Industry Top 100.
On 28 July, the Ocean Oil No. 255 installed with the fire pump gearbox produced by our company finished the sea trial, which meant the good development our company has made in the market of marine auxiliary.
On 15 August, Jiangsu Commerce Department held a work conference about export brand in Nanjing Mandarin Garden Hotel. Our Company was elected as the Jiangsu Famous Export Brand for the Year from 2011 to 2013.
In August, main drive gearbox of 7000kW non-ferrous metal rolling mill, designed and manufactured by NGC was installed and commissioned in the aluminium plate production line of SAPA Heat Transfer AB in Sweden, and passed the trail production.
On September 17, the first EBZ160 type entry driving machine, designed and manufactured by China Transmission Heavy Duty Equipment Co., Ltd was finished, featured with advanced performance, better reliability, higher rock breaking efficiency and complete protection function, etc.
On September 27, ¡°2011Top 500 of Global New Energy Enterprise¡± was released in 2011 China (Chengdu) New Energy International Summit¡±, and NGC was ranked as 79th.
In November NGC successfully developed the 6MW wind turbine Pitch/Yaw gearboxes.
On November 18, the largest double planetary vertical mill reducer in China, powered at 5400kW designed and manufactured by NGC was successfully tested. Before, the first 3600kW double planetary vertical mill reducer was also developed by NGC.
On December 21, Deloitte (China) publicized the appraising result of ¡°Top 20 of China Cleaning Technology¡±, NGC, the only enterprise selected as wind turbine gearbox manufacturer was ranked as 16th.
On February 28, Jiangsu Energy Working Meeting was held in Nanjing. NGC was awarded as ¡°2011 Jiangsu Advanced Enterprise in Energy¡± based on the outstanding contribution the company had made in wind energy.
In March, The first underwater cutter gearbox produced by the Company was put into use. This gearbox is for 6000m3/h HUAHANGJUN suction dredge.
On March 29, Mr. Han Qide, vice chairman of National People's Congress and chairman of Jiusan Society visited NGC.
On April 19, three overhang types of entry driving machines- EBZ132, EBZ160 and EBZ200 developed by NGC acquired the Safety Certificate for mining equipment.
On June 5, Jiangsu Opening up Work Conference was held. The Company was honored as Jiangsu Open Economy Advance Enterprise by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.
On September 26, Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. achieved IRIS identification (International railway industry standard).
On November 5, National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and National Ministry of Finance announced the list of 2012 national technology innovation model enterprises. The Company was on the list.
On November 16, At the award ceremony of national enterprise technology center held in the Shenzhen International Expo Center, the Company’s technology center was affirmed as National Enterprise Technology Center.
On November 26, The National Ministry of Science and Technology, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the All China Federation of Trade Unions jointly issued the notice that the Company was confirmed as the fifth group national innovation pioneer enterprise.
On March, The Company successfully developed the 5MW wind power turbine gearbox.
On March 4, The first power distributing type combined planetary center drive reducer applied in the cement ball mill produced by the Company had a successful trial run.
On March 15, Nanjing Municipal Government held the conference of the business work of the city in the municipal organ hall. The Company was awarded the title of 2012 Trade Work Outstanding Enterprise of the City.
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