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Carrying Forward Traditional Culture Celebrating Youth Olympics— China Transmission Successfully Hosts 2014 Dragon Boat Races

Published: 2014-06-24


On the morning of June 15, accompanied by the cheers and encore of the China Transmission 2014 Dragon Boat Races and the dragon boat spirit of “solidarity, perseverance, and courageous”, 31 brave teams sent their good wishes to over 9000 employees of China Transmission in chorus at the Youth Olympics.

(Panorama of the Opening Ceremony)

There were 527 contestants and 31 representative teams in this year’s dragon boat races. Hu Yueming, Jin Maoji, Gou Jianhui and other leaders of China Transmission Group, as well as nearly 1500 employees and their relatives were on site to watch the contest. Because the second Summer Youth Olympics in 2014 to be held in Nanjing was only two months away, the grand dragon boat races rekindled the enthusiasm of the people of Nanjing. The game site was filled with people, among which many were already determined fans of the China Transmission dragon boat races. Every year before /after the Dragon Boat Festival, they would surely be there at Mochou Lake to cheer on the paddlers of China Transmission. 

(President Hu Made the Pin Pointing for Dragon Boats and Fired a Shot to Start the Races)

Hu Yueming, President and General Manager of China Transmission Group made the “pin pointing” for the dragon boats, pulled the trigger and fired the first shot of the dragon boat races. Each team tenaciously strived to succeed, showing their style, their tenacity and the new atmosphere of China Transmission.

At the site, a batch of “top ten singers” and “outstanding singers” selected from the 2014 China Transmission New Year’s Concert sang with pride for China Transmission members. Students of the high-speed and heavy-load gear class of Nanjing Mochou Vocational School, singer Li Yuesheng, Chen Huiying and friends from all walks of life showed their support and sent their blessings to the contestants for their splendid performances.

After 8 rounds of brilliant preliminary races and 4 rounds of intense finals, the No.3 Branch Plant of High Speed Gear Co., Ltd. won the championship race of the 2014 China Transmission Dragon Boat Races; the second prize was awarded to the representative teams of Nanjing Avis Transmission Technology Co., Ltd., Ninghongjian Company and No.7 Branch Plant of High Accurate Gear Co., Ltd; the third prize was awarded to the representative teams of No.6 Branch Plant of Marine Products Company, AE&E Nanjing Boiler Co., Ltd., No.1 Branch Plant of High Speed Gear Co., Ltd., Machining Branch Plant of Ningkai Machinery Co., Ltd., Nanjing Sky CNC Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and No.5 Branch Plant of High Accurate Gear Co., Ltd.(By Ju Ming and Tu Guangji)

(Site of the Opening Ceremony)

(Race Photos)

(Performance at the Closing Ceremony)

(Group Photos of the First, Second and Third Prize Winners)

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