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Professional Lighting Solutions for Roads, Industries, and Public Spaces

NJZ Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (“NJZ Lighting”) is an international high-tech enterprise engaged in alternative energy. We cover product development, production, sales, and service as a whole for the lighting market, a downstream sector of the LED industry.

NJZ Lighting deeply taps the market demand for lighting roads, industries, and public spaces while inventing and innovating LED mining lamps, LED explosion-proof lamps, LED street lamps, and other products and applications. Our LED lighting lamps and lanterns are backed by many national patents and certification in structural design, optical design, and thermal management. For years, we have been supplying customers in the United States, Canada, Israel, Finland, Germany, and other countries around the world with the most comprehensive and reliable service.

NJZ Lighting is committed to providing professional lighting solutions for roads, industries, and public spaces.

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LED Lighting Business
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With breakthroughs in innovation, we are a leader in technology
With the support of China Transmission, we continuously strengthen the scientific research ability of our team and shorten the R&D production cycle in order to provide customers with a long-lasting, reliable, and stable product. As a provider of professional lighting solutions for roads, industries, and public spaces, NGZ Lighting provides clients with comprehensive and reliable services through high-quality lighting featuring a high photosynthetic efficiency and high reliability production standards during our lighting project’s design, manufacture, process control, etc..
By drawing on technology and innovation to expand LED applications to broader fields, we will realize the all-round integration of our product quality, professional technology, sales and service in line with international practices.
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