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NGC Gears Managing Director Dr. Gou Jianhui Invited to Attend Twelfth CMMIF

Published: 2015-12-02


Whether it be industry 4.0 or industrial internet, it can be boiled down to the deep integration of internet and the manufacturing industry, which is the main target for China’s 2025 manufacturing strategy. Between November 19 and November 21, 2015, the Twelfth China Manufacturing Management International Forum (CMMIF) was held in Tianjing, China, aiming at comprehensively developing the manufacturing industry in terms of policies, technologies, markets, services, talents, management, and capital.

A panel comprised of both Chinese and foreign experts was invited, among whom senior professionals like Managing Director Dr. Gou Jianhui of NGC Gears and other entrepreneurs were present. The experts conducted in-depth analysis of cases and solutions from home and abroad, held discussions on a variety of aspects such as industry 4.0, lean management, smart manufacturing, business mode and capital operation, and painted a bright future picture for manufacturing industry in the internet age.

On November 20, Dr. Gou was invited to attend the dialogue of the main forum themed around “Creating a New Eco-system for Interconnected Industrial Chain”. In the view of Dr. Gou, the China 2025 Manufacturing Strategies are not only a periodical plan at the national level, but also the orientation of future development. Currently, the concept of “internet + smart” manufacturing has become a considerable trend around the globe. The full realization of the integrated mode of design, production and workshop, and the establishment of an effective production scheduling and decision center serve as both the basis for production efficiency and the priority of meeting customer demands, the latter of which is the starting point and objective for all manufacturers. By illustrating the 46-year history of NGC, Dr. Gou said, NGC Gears will focus on the global market and customer benefits while developing and reforming based on customer demand. NGC Gears will also embark on a project to achieve a more detailed strategic roadmap, laying out the 2020 strategic plan and specifying and analyzing customer demands in the aspects of products, quality and service so as to provide an overall solution for customers and to maintain the keys to success. Dr. Gou also stressed the abundant opportunities for NGC Gears in connecting with the global market and that the company will provide vigorous support for research and development of new products and technologies through long-term investment in staff growth and future opportunities. Dr. Gou expressed that NGC Gears plans to utilize its own advantages to obtain long-term sustainable development goals in a connected industrial chain with the backdrop of an historical setting of a new eco-system for the manufacturing industry.

At the Awarding Ceremony of China Smart Manufacturing, Dr. Gou was invited as an important guest to unveil the nameplate for the Industrial Big Data Application Alliance, whose establishment also indicated a new beginning for the development of China’s manufacturing industry.

Integrated with production, R&D, sales and services as well as faced to energy, and with provision of gear and transmission technology, products and services as its core businesses, NGC Gears dedicates itself to the fields of major and general equipment industry and focuses on long-term input to clean energy, as well as low consumption and highly efficient fields. NGC Gears has become one of the most competitive partners in global power transmissions market by virtue of its leading technology, reliable quality and thoughtful services.

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