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Zhong-chuan Heavy Duty participated the CCMT2014

Published: 2014-03-10


From February 24th to 28th, 2014, the 8th expo of China CNC Machine Tools (CCMT2014) organized by China’s machine tool association in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. Zhong-chuan Heavy Duty Machine Co., Ltd. (“Zhong-chuan Heavy Duty”), the subordinate company of NGC Machine Tool Group took part in the exhibition., which is a high-tech enterprise especially professional in the development, production and sales of CNC machine tool.

The spot

The two machine tools with high precision of Zhong-chuan Heavy Duty were well received by visitors. The radial and end-on run-out of SVT16 CNC single pole vertical lathe bench has reached 0.003mm, the positioning accuracy is 0.006mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy has reached to be 0.003mm. The X and Z axis of the HTIV160 CNC heavy duty horizontal machine tool adopts hydrostatic guideway. It has the features of friction-free, free movement, high stiffness, and high accuracy. The radial and end-on run-out of the major axis reaches 0.005mm, the positioning accuracy 0.005 and the repeated positioning accuracy 0.002mm. The tail seat moves on the lathe in worm transmission form and has good retaining effect.

The SVT16 CNC vertical machine tool

The HTIV160 CNC heavy duty horizontal machine tool

During the exhibition, the general manager, the salesmen and technical staffs of Zhong-chuan Heavy Duty answered the questions for each customer and made detailed introduction of the performance, features, and functions of the displayed products. The visitors gave high evaluation on them and some of them expressed their cooperation intention.

The exhibition strengthened the communication and cooperation between Zhong-chuan Heavy Duty and customers and promoted the name brand and influence of our company Zhong-chuan Heavy Duty will keep improving its enterprise management and quality assurance and play the advantages of R&D and production, and aim to become the leader of China’s CNC machine tool industry.

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