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Successful Trial Voyages of 3000T China Coast Guard Vessels Equipped with NGC Marine Propulsion System

Published: 2014-12-12


Successful trial voyages were recently completed for the first lot of ships in the 12 3000T China Coast Guard vessels, of which the propulsion systems are supplied by NGC Marine Group subsidiary-Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd (NGC Marine). The equipment delivered by NGC Marine including controllable pitch propeller systems, gearboxes, tunnel thrusters and remote control systems for the propulsion system were tested successfully during sea trail. There are 12 ocean surveillance vessels in total in this project and have been awarded to 3 different shipyards. Sea trials undertaken on the first 3 vessels recently are the initial vessel of the 3 different shipyards respectively.

The propulsion system of these vessels are with twin-screw propellers, classed in CCS. The  vessels are with featured with high speeds, long shafting, high propulsion power, and a high degree of automation. At project conceptual study stage, the propellers were designed according to the latest theoretical calculations, propeller efficiency and cavitation were optimized and forcasted, and the design were verified by a series of tank tests. After trial voyages and tests on the actual vessels, not only the requirements on speed of the ships are met, but also the cavitation and vibration of the propellers are effectively controlled. The technical strength of NGC Marine on propulsion system has been highly recognized by ship owners, design institutes and shipyards. The successful trial voyages of the ships in this project is another important performance result obtained in the field of China Coast Guard after the former batch of ocean surveillance ship project which have been successfully delivered. These results prove that NGC Marine offers advanced technical and quality advantages in the field of China Coast Guard vessels.

This batch of vessels will become the backbone force for safeguarding marine rights and enforcing marine laws. NGC Marine will continue its focus on guiding installation and providing after-sale service for follow-up ships, full after-sales service will be guaranteed during the operation of ships in the future for the further development of safeguarding national marine rights. 

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