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Press Center
[Corporate News] NGC Sponsors the Second Session of National Standard Compilation Workgroup on Wind Turbine Generator System: Technical Requirements of Gearboxes in Nanjing (2016-6-3)
[Corporate News] NGC Gears Brilliant Debut in Tire City (2016-6-1)
[Corporate News] Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions, Led by Its Vice Chairman Mr. Zhang Haitao, Visits NGC (2016-5-25)
[Corporate News] NGC Gears Commences Its American Operations & Service Center (2016-5-17)
[Corporate News] NGCs 3,800 kW Unilateral Twin-drive Reducer Exported to Argentina (2016-4-28)
[Corporate News] NGC Marine Dedicated to Building Itself into a Leader of Rudder Propulsion Systems Industry with Multiple Means (2016-4-27)
[Corporate News] Successful Trial Voyage of Propulsion Systems with Energy Saving Devices Provided by NGC for the Worlds Largest Asphalt Tanker (2015-12-25)
[Corporate News] NGC Nanjing (China Transmission) Numerical Control Heavy Equipment Engineering and Technological Research Center Certified and Listed (2015-12-22)
[Corporate News] NGC Participates in Marintec China (2015-12-21)
[Corporate News] Flanged single screw extruder gearboxes by NGC Gears Honored as a Jiangsu High Value Patent (2015-12-18)
[Corporate News] NGC Participates in 6th Beijing International Urban Rail Transit Construction, Operation and Equipments Expo (2015-12-16)
[Corporate News] NGC Gears Managing Director Dr. Gou Jianhui Invited to Attend Twelfth CMMIF (2015-12-2)
[Corporate News] Zero Product Defects for Absolute Satisfaction C Recording the Quality Knowledge Competition of NGC Gears (2015-11-16)
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