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We have diversified products that are widely used in wind power generation, transportation, aerospace , metallurgy, petrochemical, construction material, mining and other sectors.


We have 11 series of products below:


Wind Power Transmission Equipment  Our company is the leading manufacturer of transmission equipment for wind power generation in the world. At present, we have supplied  all types of drive equipment under 6MW on a large scale.


Rail Transportation Transmission Equipment  They are widely applied in subway, railroad car, intercity train, high speed train, locomotive, etc.




Building Material Transmission Equipment  Including vertical mill reducer, MFY (MFYT、MFYX) series center drive mill reducer, ZX series of planetary reducer for center drive cement mill, GYM series of reducer for roll squeezer, MBY edge drive mill reducer, PV, RV blender reducer, classifier reducer, etc.



Metallurgy Transmission Equipment  Including main gearbox for hot rolling plate & strip, gearbox for cold rolling plate, combine gearbox for rod mill, wire rod and shape bar series of flying shear, roller type flying shear, main gearbox for head-cutting & cut-to-length shear, main gearbox for rolling –cut type double edge shear, main gearbox for rolling cut type split shear, main gearbox for flattener, main gearbox for panel turnover machine, main drive gearbox for hoisting and side slipping of cold bed, gearbox for high speed wire finishing mill, reducer for steel pipe rolling, non-ferrous used reducer, tilting device for converter, etc. These equipments have been used in many domestic and foreign projects.



Coal Machinery Transmission Equipment   JS and MQ series of conveyor reducer, reducer for automobile rear bridge in mine, reducer for coal cutter, JSMS series reducer for scraper and conveyor, and JH series reducer for entry driving machine, etc.



Rubber and Plastic Machinery Transmission Equipment  Including gearbox for internal batch mixer, gearbox for rubber compounding mill, gearbox for roller-head extruder, and gearbox for single screw extruder, etc.




High Speed Gear Transmission Equipment  They are widely applied in the fields of electric power generation, metallurgy, petrochemical, aerospace and scientific research and development, etc., i.e. NGSS series gearbox for reciprocating type compressor, high speed gearbox specially for large power combustion turbine, high speed planetary gearbox, H type compressor gearbox, NGGS series of new generation high speed gearbox, HS high speed and MHS medium-high speed gearbox, etc.




General Use Gearbox  They are mainly used in the fields of metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, building material, crane machinery, etc. including PR hard tooth flank reducer, YNK harden tooth flank gearbox, ZY-DY series general use reducer and planetary reducer.




Crane Machinery Gearbox  They are including PE series crane gearbox, QJY series of crane gearbox, AJYX series of crane gearbox, QJ and QJ-D series crane gearbox.





Others  We also supply the combined reducer for blending machine, lifting gearbox in mine, gearbox for generation, reducer for sugar pressing machine, screw elevator, non standard gearbox, diaphragm coupling, crown gear coupling, high speed gear type coupling and flexible dowel pin coupling, etc.




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