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Light and shadow from camera——The 2013 exploration of China Transmission’s photography association in the old town of Shicheng and yaoli

Published: 2013-11-13


Autumn wind rises and ground frosts, the white buildings stand around the maple’s wood. At this beautiful season of late autumn, the 36 members of China Transmission’s photography association went towards Yaoli ------the old town well-known as porcelain and tea, and the Wanghu forest park in Fuliang country and the Shicheng Village in Wuyuan country in Jiangxi Province, using their cameras to record the colorful stone village that is unique in its rare stones and old trees, and Yaoli and Wang River which are sitting besides mountains and rivers with antique flavor in this beautiful autumn.

The group photo of China Transmission’s photography association

The China Transmission’s photography association was built in 2010. The team members are the amateur photographers from the different subsidiary companies of our Group. They have provided many important historic image data of the company’s businesses and cultural activities, which have recorded every important moment in the course of development of our company and displayed the enterprising spirit of the staffs of China Transmission. They have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of the corporate image and culture construction work.

The theme of the artistic creation was communication, practice and improvement. On their way to Shicheng, the photography exchange Seminar was held and the leaders of the association expressed their eager expectation and the experienced members shared with others their techniques and experiences in photography. With the methods of their communication, question and exchang from each other, the team members can improve their photography level better and faster in oroder to create better works in the future photography activities of news, arts, sports, production and so on.

During the two-days trip, though hasty, they had walked through three locations including Shicheng, Wanghu and Yaoli. The first station is Shicheng village in Wuyuan. It is a typical Hui style old village surrounded by mountains and tall red maple trees growing everywhere. In late fall, there were beautiful scenes with the forest changing its color and brilliant red leaves among white walls and black tiles forming a strong colorful autumn map with rural flavor.As for Wanghu forest park , which set mountains, waters, rocks and forests as a whole with the scenery of dangerous, extraordinary, steep and lovely, and just like four seasons coming together. It is definitely a great place for us to search for seclusion and beautiful scenery.Finally they got to the old town ---Yaoli, which was built up at the end of the West Han Dynasty and has been known as "the source of porcelain, tea village and sea of forests. It was originally named “Yaoli” for its famous kiln. The town is surround by mountains and Yao river passes through it. Hundreds of ancient architectures of Ming and Qing Dynasty sitting on both sides of Yao River, which forms a Jiangnan landscape of antique beauty.

In order to make better communication and improvement, the team divided into several small groups to take photos. Through the activities, they enjoyed the cultures and history of kiln, the beauty of Hui style architectures and fantastic scene of nature with their camera. They observed and learned form others from morning to night with their enthusiasm during their creation process, and got to improve themselves gradually.

This trip was a start of the series of activities of the photography association. It was learned that the association would collect the works of this trips since now to early December. The excellent works will be chosen through public appraisal and on show in different forms in the company so as to encourage the old members for their creative enthusiasm and attract new members to join the association for better recording the company’s development in future.

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