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Technological Progress Promoting Market Demands—MP Planetary Gearbox Serialization Technology Upgrade

Published: 2017-10-17


Recently, the MP standard planetary gearbox developed by NGC for application in Pakistan’s 6,700 ton/day cement production line, has successfully rolled off our production line and is ready for shipment. This gearbox, which is compatible for 2200*1600 mm raw material roller presses, operates at a capacity of 3,200KNm and successfully satisfied the customer's requirements of a short delivery cycle and high reliability etc.

The Figure above shows NGC’s 3,200 kN.m MP standard planetary gearbox

Throughout the field of industrial application for planetary gearboxes, there are a number of types and specifications which are not mutually replaceable. New product developments of former industrial-specific gearboxes are still based on independent projects without uniform specifications, which has caused a series of problems such as long product development cycles, low component interchangeability, giving rise to a long product delivery cycle and the requirement of a greater number of spare parts.

NGC has been focusing on industrial gearboxes for more than four decades, and has successfully provided transmission system solutions for many fields including building materials, metallurgy, mining, and sugar industries etc. The development of the MP series standard planetary gearbox product platform is based on years of NGC’s cumulative experience and industrial application of big data analysis, and the application of advanced modular concepts, basic component standardization concepts, and technological reliability. This series of products is superior in that it can achieve short development cycles, high reliability, large scale economy, and incurs low costs throughout its life cycle etc. The user can, according to the MP series samples together with their own wind turbine requirements, select the most compatible product directly from the planetary gearbox products, or select an approximate solution and make adaptations to the interface dimensions thus achieving the competitive advantage of fast delivery.

The MP series standard planetary gearbox is a standard product platform jointly developed by the NGC R&D team in Europe (Germany) and China. The product contains 8 structural types. The load torque coverage ranges from 100 kNm to 5800 kNm and includes a total of 22 specifications. One of which is a specialist planetary gearbox for cement roller press (two-stage planetary + parallel axis). The application of MP standard planetary gearboxes in overseas markets have highlighted the product’s technical advancement, and further promoted market demands.

After-market service is one of the key operations that NGC focusses on, and is one of their most significant advantages. Thanks to the MP standard planetary gearbox platform products’ "modularization and standardization" concept, follow-up maintenance and replacement of worn components has become more convenient and will further improve the efficiency and quality of market services and will further allay any customer concerns. (by Ji Yao)

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