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Striving Onwards Against the Wind - 2017 NGC Group Wind Energy & Industrial Supplier Day

Published: 2017-12-22


Recently, the 2017 NGC Group Wind Energy & Industrial Supplier Day was held with 200 wind energy and industrial suppliers from home and abroad in attendance for the “Striving onwards against the Wind” themed discussion regarding the direction of future cooperation, the outlook on business upgrades and further opportunities for cooperation.

Mr. Hu Jichun, Chairman and President of the NGC group delivered the opening ceremony speech, welcoming the participation of the suppliers and expressing thanks for their contributions and efforts throughout the course of NGC’s development. He further added that NGC would maintain business growth, and need deeper cooperation with all partners so that the Group could remain competitive regardless of the situational strengths or weaknesses, thereby achieving mutual success and a win-win market.

Mr. Gu Xiaobin, NGC’s COO and General Manager of the Wind Energy Division, shared the current situation and trends in the wind energy market in addition to the dynamics of the wind turbine market in his main report. He pointed out that under the national demand for equal cost prices between wind and thermal power, the whole supply chain encounters the same challenges and opportunities. He also suggested that within in-depth cooperation and joint R&D, suppliers use lean production and technology to further promote cost optimization; remaining competitive within the wind power supply chain is the driving motivation for sustainable development.

Mr. Wang Zhengbing, NGC’s Vice President and General Manager of the Industrial Division introduced the current market situation, demonstrated NGC’s rapid development in the industrial market, and exhibited their latest industrial products for the suppliers, allowing them a deeper understanding of their own and NGC’s product applications, laying a foundation for all subsequent in-depth technical cooperation.

Mr. Zhou Zhijin, NGC’s Vice President and Senior Director of the Strategic Purchasing Department; Mr. Wang Zhengrong NGC’s Vice President and Senior Quality Director; Mr. Wu Mingjun, Deputy General Manager of the Industrial Business Division; Mr. Sun Yizhong, Director of the Wind Energy Division product development all delivered keynote speeches respectively on NGC’s management of supply chain development, construction of highly efficient supply chains, quality development, new industrial products and technology, new wind energy products and technology etc.

This year’s NGC and Industrial Supplier Day presented awards to 14 outstanding suppliers, and a representative of each delivered speeches expressing thanks for all the support, recognition and trust from NGC. They expressed that all customer demands should be integrated by NGC to ultimately affect the areas of design, manufacturing, QC and service which requires all suppliers, manufacturers and service providers to adopt a comprehensive diversified organization, forming a system of complementary resources, and promote the enterprise’s sustainable upgrade development reaching even as far as the whole industry through ecological strategy, thereby anticipating the win-win cooperation in even more business fields.

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