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NGC awarded the Title of Outstanding Enterprise in the Building Materials Machinery Industry for 40 Years of China's Reform and Opening up

Published: 2019-01-07


On November 26th, 2018, China Building Materials Machinery Association held its 5th session of the 6th Directors Conference (also the 6th Forum for the Development of the Building Materials Machinery Industry) in Wuhan. A number of government leaders, industry experts, researchers and entrepreneurs were invited to present special reports on the current macroeconomic situation, current trends in the building materials and building materials machinery industry, international market developments and the transformation of enterprises within the industry.

2018 marked the 40th anniversary of the start of China's Reform and Opening Up. In the last 40 years, China’s building materials machinery industry has achieved a number of remarkable results. In recognition of building materials enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to the country's economic development, the Building Materials Industry Association awarded a number of honors. Among these, the Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the NGC Group, was awarded the title of Outstanding Enterprise in the Building Materials Machinery Industry for 40 Years of China's Reform and Opening up, in recognition of the company's advanced technology and innovative achievements.

Since the 1980s, the NGC Group has been engaged in independent research & development and manufactured its own professional gearboxes for building materials equipment. The company's product range covers vertical mill planetary gearboxes, pipe mill transmission gearboxes, rolling mill gearboxes and other key products for the building materials industry:

In 2002, NGC completed the first full replacement of a 2,800Kw imported pipe mill gearbox and successfully put it into operation;
In 2012, the 5,400kW raw meal vertical mill gearbox for cement applications was successfully put into operation;
In 2018, the 2,250kW raw meal roller mill gearbox for cement applications was successfully put into operation;
The NGC Group not only sets new benchmarks, but also continues to break its own records;

NGC has always given top priority to customer satisfaction, and provides optimized transmission system solutions for its customers. Thanks to its excellent product quality and outstanding reliability, NGC’s building materials equipment gearboxes have long been very highly praised by its customers. At present, the company has 60% of the export market share for China's technical cement equipment. NGC actively cooperates with domestic design institutes in the cement industry and provides high quality and reliable parts for China’s building materials equipment as they are shipped overseas.

In addition, in view of the fact that in the past, imported gearboxes were used almost exclusively in larger domestic building materials equipment, NGC Group is now actively promoting the substitution of these gearboxes with China-made products, in order to satisfy the new demands for production capacity increase, energy savings and reduced consumption of today's end users. Full replacement has already been carried out on more than 60 units, covering equipment supplied by Loesche in Germany, SEISA in Japan, F.L. Smith in Denmark, UBE in Japan and other famous equipment manufacturers.

As part of its continuous technological innovation and upgrading, NGC has brought out state of the art versions of all kinds of gearboxes. These upgraded products boast broader coverage and higher power density. At the same time, NGC is actively exploring intelligent on-line monitoring systems. These are able to monitor the operational status of products in real-time, thus enabling very quick diagnosis and repair of any issues occurring within the products. Technical support can thus be provided to customers in a timely manner, reducing maintenance costs and any potential losses caused by product downtime.

As a result of national policies on energy conservation and environmental protection, and the latest requirements for solid and hazardous waste recycling within the iron and steel industry, NGC has successfully developed gearboxes for vertical mills that are capable of grinding mineral slag, steel slag, fly ash and other waste products, thus turning “waste” into wealth and realizing the dual benefits of economic and environmental savings.

By the end of 2018, NGC has provided more than 4,000 sets of vertical mill gearboxes, 1,800 sets of pipe mill gearboxes, and 700 sets of rolling mill gearboxes. These products are widely used in the cement, building materials, steel, mining and other industries across the country, and contribute a home-grown strength for both the Reform and Opening Up policy and the realization of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Thinking globally, and thanks to the preferential policies of the Reform and Opening Up, NGC has actively engaged in win-win cooperation with both domestic and foreign customers, and promoted genuine products to all corners of the Earth. Just like NGC’s mission statement has always said: "Geared for a Better Future".

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