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Technological Progress Promotes Industry Development--NGC’s MP Series rolling machine gearbox wins 2019 Annual Award for Science in the Building Materials Machinery Industry

Published: 2019-09-18


The selection procedure for the 2019 Annual Award for Science in the Building Materials Machinery Industry follows the principles of being “scientific, rigorous and innovative”. The final judgment from the expert review committee was as follows: the “MP series rolling machine gearbox” developed by NGC was awarded 3rd Prize for Scientific and Technical Progress in the Building Materials Machinery Industry.

The MP series rolling machine gearbox is based on NGC’s standard industrial planetary platform, using a standardized, modular approach. This product range is specifically designed for building materials and mining roller press equipment. The load torque range is 100kNm ~ 5,800kNm. This series of rolling machine gearboxes can be used with rolling machine drive systems in the range of 160kW~5,000 kW.

The MP series of products has the following features:
1. Torque and product type can meet the varied demands of different industrial planetary transmission application fields;
2. The exquisite design, aimed at “Long-standing problems” existing in different industries, represents a new approach for prevention and improvement;
3. The modular design, requiring few parts and making it easier to control product quality, can greatly shorten the production cycle;
4. Load tests can be conducted and field conditions can be simulated according to actual customer requirements , to ensure the reliability of the gearboxes;
5. Boasting the CMS online monitoring system to realize real-time monitoring and diagnosis of gearbox operation;
6. A running stock of common models and spare parts is always kept on hand, in order to solve the problems most commonly encountered in the field, ensuring a quick provision of spare parts.

From the earliest stages, the design of the MP series rolling machine gearbox was centered on the core requirement of reliable performance under extreme conditions for 365 days a year. Longer design life of the bearings and higher torque density will prolong the service life of the products, achieving lasting and reliable operation under extreme conditions.

From 2009 to 2019, NGC was instrumental in twice amending the building materials industry standard “JC878.5 Case-hardened Reducer Used in Cement Industry - Part 5 - Reducer for Rolling Press”. NGC uses its own technical knowhow and application experience accumulated over many years, to drive the technical progress of the industry and upgrade its product quality.

Figure 1 MP loading test

Figure 2 Measuring point diagram for MP used with CMS system

2019 is the 50th anniversary of the founding of NGC. For 50 years, we have always put customer satisfaction first, and developed excellent transmission system solutions for customers. In the field of gearboxes for building materials equipment, NGC has always been highly praised by its customers. In 2018, the company was awarded the title of “Outstanding enterprise in the materials machinery industry during China's 40 years of reform and opening up”, thanks to its advanced technology and continuous innovation.

After 50 years of product development and technical improvements, NGC has now the capacity to provide total drive system solutions across the building materials industry. The company’s transmission products include: the MLX series vertical mill gearbox; the MP series rolling machine gearbox; the MFY series center driven mill gearbox; the MBY series edge grinding machine transmission gearbox; the MBE series bucket machine gearbox; and the MHB series belt conveyor gearbox and rotary gearbox.


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