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China Transmissions, Chinese Quality--NGC’s Stunning Appearance at the 2019 PTC Asia Shanghai Exhibition

Published: 2019-10-29


The industry’s major annual gathering in the Asia-Pacific region, the 2019 Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as PTC Asia Shanghai) held its grand opening on October 23, 2109 in the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This session of PTC Asia Shanghai was focused on the theme of “intelligent engines & wise logistics”, attracting more than 1,500 exhibitors from across China and around the world, along with an estimated professional audience of more than 120,000 attendees.

NGC first debuted at PTC Asia in Shanghai in 2017. During this year’s exhibition, NGC once again brought many new products to share with the public. Its exquisitely designed booth included product applications for consumers from all walks of life, and these rich array of products and its advanced appearance made NGC rapidly become a point of focus in the transmission equipment exhibition area. Seeing the real achievements and functions of NGC products, Chinese and international customers along with industry peers all visited NGC’s booth in droves. After witnessing the strength of NGC products and engaging in detailed exchanges with the company’s on-site personnel, the visitors were able to gain an in-depth understanding of NGC and its advantages. 

During the exhibition, NGC also arranged for a number of company and product publicity materials and presentations. In addition to introducing many of the innovations in these new products which are helping to maximize value for the customer, NGC also reviewed its 50 years of development history and the new development trends, and these reports were warmly received by the audience.

Selected Products

MTG-Series High Speed Gearbox

Features a maximum speed of 25,000 RPM, a maximum transmitted power of 50 MW, and can be widely used in the petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, and other industry sectors. The MTG series of high-speed gearboxes constitute NGC’s latest research achievements in the field of high speed transmissions.

At the exhibition site, the MTG gearbox series was the undisputed “crowd-pleasing” star of NGC’s booth, attracting a broad audience of visiting professionals to observe and inspect the product and discuss it with the on-site staff.

MP-Series “Wise” Planetary Gearbox

The MP series of planetary gearboxes have equal competitiveness with similar foreign products across all areas, including its modular design concept, power density, and key technical indexes. The MP series of gearboxes incorporates NGC’s self-developed CMS network detection system, enabling the effective informatization of the gearbox, helping users to realize visual equipment management, and advancing a data analysis-based maintenance and repair based on the data analysis, which ensure the equipments with is high reliability, greatly reduce the cost of equipment use.

MHK-Series Extensible-Center Gearbox

The MHK-series extensible-center gearbox is NGC’s latest development, and is especially used in lifting applications. This is the first time that MHK gearbox products have participated in this exhibition, and was also the first public appearance of the MHK series of products. MHK adheres to NGC’s modular design concept, and due to the issues of bulkiness and frequent oil leakage in currently-used lifting gearboxes, NGC has developed a brand-new, optimized design. While maintaining equivalent power levels, MHK has reduced the weight of the gearbox by 25-30% compared with traditional gearboxes, greatly reducing the design costs of host equipment manufacturers and further optimizing the design of the host equipment, allowing the gearbox to be widely used in all types of universal and special bridge cranes, and all types of portside mechanical equipment.

Construction Machinery Reducer Products

The NGC winding, rotating, and walking reducers on display at the exhibition covered six sub-categories of the construction machinery industry, and more than 16 kinds of engineering machinery and equipment. The reducers attracted a great deal of attention and consultation from a broad audience of attendees.

MHB-Series Standard Industrial Gearbox

The MHB-series standard industrial gearbox lent its brilliant appearance to the PTC Asia Shanghai Exhibition once again, and attracted a great deal of attention. Its internal processing quality as well as its high-quality appearance allowed MHB products to reflect the advanced level of China's manufacturing industry. And through continuous improvement in recent years, the market performance of MHB products has become both more advanced and more stable. Its product applications cover many industries, and the gearbox series has attracted the full approval of more and more customers.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the NGC Group. For half a century, NGC has developed alongside China’s Reform and Opening Up, completing round after round of enterprise upgrades; NGC’s excellent market performance has let customers around the world to update their awareness of China’s advanced transmission production and manufacturing quality. NGC will continue to actively exploring its future through fast-track development, and will contribute its strength to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

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