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New Milestone Set in Cooperation—NGC’s 1600 kW Mine Belt Reducer Enters Operation

Published: 2020-03-26


In the wake of NGC’s stunning appearance at the China International Coal Machinery Exhibition in October last year, NGC Group has recently delivered another “brilliant solution” in the field of coal industry transmission products—a 1600 kW high-power belt reducer, which has been a shining feature in the technical transformation project for the main transportation system of Zhujiang Group’s Youth Tower Coal Mine.

This transformation project is an important step in expanding the production capacity of Youth Tower Coal Mine (current annual output of 10 million tons). The project involves shafts 101 and 102, the main incline shaft, the alley belt conveyors, the main wellhead crusher, and transformer room. In these areas, all of the belt conveyor speed reducers used for this transformation project have utilized NGC’s new-generation series of MHB-standard industrial gearbox, amounting to a total of 16 gearbox sets. 10 of these reducers are used in the belt conveyor of the main incline shaft and the belt conveyor of the main roadway, and have a transmission power of 1600 kW.

Sincere Cooperation

Since its very inception, this transformation project has attracted significant attention from the leadership of the Zhujiang Company and Youth Tower Coal Mine. Thanks to NGC’s rich application experience, cost-effective products, and excellent services which have transcended customers’ expectations, NGC has finally stood out from the other five internationally famous reducer brands amidst their fierce competition, and won this project.

Throughout the work process of clarifying customer needs, investigating working conditions, investigating historical application problems, calculations for product selections, developing manufacturing processes, and inspecting a variety of indicators during on-site delivery and optimization, the high efficiency, professionalism, and preciseness of NGC’s team have won its customers’ full recognition. Precisely following the schedule of the transformation product, the NGC service team successfully completed the installation and debugging of the equipment during the Spring Festival holiday, which reflected NGC’s service motto of “Quality First, Customer Foremost”. On January 30th, the renovation project successfully conducted its joint test run.

MHB Series Standard Industrial Gearbox Products

Since NGC’s standard gearbox series was first released, they have been widely used by a number of coal industry groups across China, including Yankuang Group, Shandong Energy Group, Henan Energy and Chemical Group, Shaanxi Coal-Chemical Group, and the National Energy Group. Given the harsh application conditions of the coal industry and high reliability requirements, this project chose to use the new-generation MHB series of standard industrial gearboxes, which combined NGC’s latest research achievements in terms of technology upgrading with its rich application experience. This series has adopted a modular design method and unique gear modification technologies. While maintaining the same torque output, they offer reduced installation space, maximizing the advantages of their high-power-density design. They offer higher bearing capacity, greater quality and reliability, increased convenience for site maintenance, and can better adapt to the harsh application environments of coal mines.

After the project had been in operation for two months, all of the gearboxes’ performance indexes, including their vibration, noise, and temperature increases, were found to meet system requirements, and were highly recognized by users.

Another Milestone Laid

The technical transformation project of the Youth Tower Coal Mine’s main transportation system served as an important breakthrough for NGC product applications in the coal industry. Its successful operation broke the long-term monopoly of foreign brands over China’s high-power mine conveyor belt speed reducers. It serves as a model case of NGC products being fully recognized and widely used in the field of coal mines, fully embodies NGC products’ high degree of competitiveness, and provides a model for the improvement of the industry’s core component supply chain.

After 50 years of hard work and development, NGC has grown from exclusively manufacturing high-speed gearboxes to becoming an internationally renowned transmission equipment manufacturer with products covering more than a dozen industries including the metallurgy, building materials, power, ports, coal, and petrochemical industries, and with business covering more than 60 countries and regions. Notably, in the field of wind energy, NGC’s market share has been the first worldwide for many years! At present, NGC has made a comprehensive entry into the field of coal industry transmission equipment, and this is an important strategic move for the next step of its development. NGC will continue to base its operations on market demand, drive itself through innovation, and provide high-quality products and services. The company will remain fearless in the face of challenges, maintain its mission of always reaching or exceeding customer demand, provide the coal industry with high-quality, reliable, and internationally competitive transmission solutions, and make greater contributions to the progress and development of the coal industry.

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