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NGC’s Robot Reducers (NGCRV) Make Waves at Shanghai Robotics Exhibition

Published: 2020-07-06


The 18th Shanghai International Exhibition of Industrial Automation and Robotics was held at the National Convention Center (Shanghai Hongqiao) from the 1st-4th of July 2020. This exhibition attracted over 13,000 exhibitors along with 120,000 professional visitors from all over the world.

On this exhibition, NGC shared its N series, E series, and C series of robot reducers (NGCRV).

Meeting Requirements of High-Precision Trajectory Control in Robotics and other Automated Applications

NGC’s robot reducer (NGCRV) are endowed with the advantages of compact structure, high resistance to overload, excellent performance, high efficiency, and high positioning precision. These reducers are mainly used in multi-joint industrial robots, SCARA robots, machine tool magazines, machine tool workstations, welding positioners, solar panels, medical CT scanning equipment, and other applications.

NGC’s robot reducer have a low moment of inertia as well as outstanding acceleration and deceleration performance. Their permissible torque is as high as 2.5 times their rated torque, and can bear a transient impact of 5 times their rated torque. Along with their backlash of less than 1 arc/min, their high-precision and low-vibration characteristics can meet the requirements for high-precision trajectory control required in automated applications, particularly in robots.

High-Reliability Digital Development Platform With Specialized Precision Bearings

Each NGC RV reducer is made based on the NGC Group’s profound accumulation of research and experience in the field of gear transmissions. Based on a thoroughly reliable digital design platform, using finite element modeling and gear modification theory, as well as partnership with globally renowned bearing suppliers, NGC has developed precision bearings with long service life and high reliability, ensuring the long-term stability and reliability of each end product’s operations. In addition, the company has also introduced advanced processing equipment and automated production lines to ensure that the products meet quality standards throughout their entire life cycle.

Expo event floor

The NGC booth attracted a large number of professional visitors, who were given an introduction to NGC’s strengths and its products’ characteristics by NGC workers and conducted in-depth dialogues with NGC workers.

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