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NGC MLXSS700M Vertical Mill Gearbox Listed among “New Products and Technologies to be Promoted and Prioritized in Jiangsu Province”

Published: 2020-09-01


Recently, the 23rd edition of “New Products and Technologies to be Promoted and Prioritized in Jiangsu Province” was printed and circulated by the Jiangsu Province Joint Office for the Promotion and Application of New Products and Technologies. The MLXSS700M vertical mill gearbox, developed in-house by the Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of NGC, formed a part of this list and was classified as a piece of high-end equipment.

The MLXSS700M vertical mill gearbox at end user site

The MLXSS700M vertical mill gearbox is a modular product, based on NGC’s new-generation platform. Thanks to the platform’s high-end technology, including system dynamics simulation, multi-target gear modification, optimization of shape topology, lubrication and sealing simulation, the product not only guarantees a high performance, but also shortens the overall development and delivery cycle. With a rated power of 6,500kW-7,000kW, a vertical static load of 17,000kN, and a vertical dynamic load of 50,000kN, this product really stands out thanks to its high bearing capacity, power density and reliability. The gearbox features an online monitoring interface to help clients set up intelligent production lines. At the same time, the modular design of parts and components means that operating and maintenance costs can be significantly reduced. On December 31st, 2019, it passed the new product appraisal procedure for Jiangsu Province. The appraisal committee believed that the technical features of the product had reached a domestically leading and internationally advanced level.

As China’s metallurgy industry is trying to grow into a cyclical economy, the production of high quality slag powder using blast furnace slag has become an important process. With the rapid development and utilization of mineral slag, steel slag and tailings in the Chinese cement industry, cement grinding and production equipment has become increasingly large and heavy. The vertical mill gearbox is a key component of vertical grinding machines for the production of materials such as cement and mineral slag. The fact that the MLXSS700M vertical mill gearbox was listed among the “New Products and Technologies to be Promoted and Prioritized in Jiangsu Province” enables the company to provide even stronger support for the country to promote the comprehensive utilization of solid wastes and create a green and cyclic economy.

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