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CHINA TRANSMISSION approved to Build the “Jiangsu Rail Traffic Transmission Engineering Technical Research Center”

Published: 2021-10-25


Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Science & Technology Department released its list of provincial-level engineering technical research centers to be built in 2021. Of these, the “Jiangsu Rail Traffic Transmission Engineering Technical Research Center” project operated by Nanjing High Speed &Accurate Rail Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), a subsidiary of CHINA TRANSMISSION, was successfully selected by virtue of its outstanding product quality and strong technical abilities in rail transit transmissions. This accolade was gained through a process of application, material review, expert review, publicity and final review by the provincial Science & Technology Department.

The Jiangsu Rail Traffic Transmission Engineering Technical Research Center is aimed at promoting scientific and technological innovation in Jiangsu Province. It will strengthen the construction of engineering R&D platforms, providing technical studies, tests and packaged technical services, developing common and key technologies for industrial development. The Center will also facilitate transformation and technical promotion activities, as well as driving technology upgrades and the scientific and technological progress of relevant industries by virtue of strong key scientific research institutions in key industries or fields in Jiangsu Province. This includes provincial-level or higher new high-tech enterprises and scientific R&D organizations founded by colleges and universities.

The Company’s gearbox production base was established in 2011, with an annual capacity of 4000 trail traffic gearboxes and 3000 traction gears in the first phase. Through years of R&D input, the base has developed a range of urban rail gearboxes, high speed rail gearboxes, tramcar gearboxes, traction gears and rail vehicle transmission products such as gearboxes for rail engineering vehicles and urban rail gearbox test stands. Thanks to continuous technological improvement, the base has accumulated a vast amount of experience in the design and application of lightweight structures for rail vehicle gearboxes, lubrication and sealing technologies, gear modification and noise reduction technologies, transmission efficiency improvement and reliability, maintainability of gearboxes and formed parts design standardization, parts design modularization and product design serialization. So far, the Company has received 6 invention patents and 25 patents for utility models. According to available data on urban rail networks, the Company has a share of 35.5% in the Chinese urban rail transit gearbox market. At present, the Company has more than 40,000 gearboxes installed in subway lines throughout China, North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and South Africa.

The successful selection was a recognition of the Company’s construction of scientific research platforms in recent years. In terms of building the research center, the Company will devote itself to studying and tackling issues related to key equipment and core components of domestic rail transit transmissions to meet the growing demand of the domestic market. It will continue to work on the localization of associated equipment, further satisfying the needs of the international market and continuously facilitating to enhance the industrial innovation capacity and market competitiveness of Jiangsu Province.

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