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NGC Stuns the China Coal & Mining Expo 2021 in Beijing

Published: 2021-10-30


On October 26th, the 19th China Coal & Mining Expo ( “Coal & Mining Expo”) opened at the Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New) with the theme of “Intelligent High Efficiency and Low Carbon Lead”. This exhibition featured a total of 9 pavilions, with more than 800 enterprises participating from 16 countries and regions such as China, Germany, the United States, and Poland.

Deeply involved in gear transmission technology for more than 50 years, NGC can boast advanced technology, reliable quality, and considerate service. The company has become one of the key suppliers in the field of global transmission technology. At this exhibition, NGC made an eye-catching appearance with new products and new technologies, leaving a splendid impression on customers and visitors.

High Efficiency

With increased requirements for drivage efficiency in the coal industry, the combined Bolter-Miner unit, which can achieve synchronized drivage, anchor protection and conveyance, has attracted widespread attention. Bolter—Miner cutting gearboxes, a key component of the equipment, can work in harsh operating conditions, complicated structures, and complex working environments, and are suitable for all the latest requirements in terms of high sealing performance, high transfer efficiency, and high reliability.

The development of the NGC Bolter—Miner cutting gearbox is based on the company’s advanced industrial gearbox technology platform. This employs gear meshing characteristic analysis technology, multi-objective gear modification technology, planetary transmission averaged load characteristic analysis technology, structural topology optimization technology, bearing calculation analysis technology, thermal power analysis technology and a number of other associated technologies. Combined with NGC’s more than 50 years’ experience in the gear manufacturing industry, the company’s product performances have now reached an advanced international level. Existing applications include a number of quick drivage works, with consistently high recognition from our customers. Products attracted the attention of many visitors throughout the exhibition, and became a deserved star of the show.


The intelligent revolution of coal mines has undoubtedly been one of the principal development trends in the coal industry in recent years. The construction of intelligent mines has been constantly promoted and a variety of new technologies have been very impressive. NGC also brought its latest intelligent product, the Gear Sight intelligent monitoring and service platform, to transform traditional mechanical equipment into a cyber-physical information fusion system (CPS) adapted to the needs of intelligent factories. Intelligent products and platform services cover the Gear Sight monitoring system, the cloud platform and diagnostics database, and predictive maintenance services.

The Gear-Sight system can monitor a variety of data, including ultrasound, vibrations, temperature, torque, metal wear particles in oil and other information. The data is analyzed by diagnostics experts, enabling the realization of the transmission equipment’s precise remote fault diagnosis and accurate residual life assessment. The diagnostic results can then be pushed to the intelligent engineering management system through the cloud platform. Based on data analysis and mining operation and maintenance strategies, NGC can customize maintenance plans and implementation, ensuring a fully predictive maintenance program.

NGC’s intelligent products are now running on hundreds of gearboxes, becoming a must-have accessory for the stable operation of our customers’ production lines. During the exhibition, NGC received a lot of attention and enquiries.


NGC’s standard gearbox, scraping machine gearbox, and walking speed reducer represent the backbone of the company’s presence in the coal industry, and have enjoyed outstanding achievements ever since their show-stopping appearance at the last Coal & Mining Expo in 2019. Gearboxes have been operating stably on belt conveyors, scraping machines, crushers and other equipment of the China Shenhua Shendong Group, SHCCIG Yubei Coal Industry Co., Ltd, China Pingmei Shenma Group, Wujiu Coal Group Co., Ltd and in other subordinate mines. Walking speed reducers are driving the large tonnage excavators of XCMG (Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. ), SANY and other well-known first-class manufacturers, making significant contributions to open-pit mining.

NGC is committed to continuously meeting and exceeding customer demands in an innovative way. The company endeavors to speed up technological innovation and product development in the coal industry together with its customers, in order to realize an intelligent, automated, environmentally-friendly, high efficiency, and low carbon coal industry for the future. In this way, we hope to achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, contributing the company’s strength to the development of China’s coal industry!

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