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NGC’s Outstanding Performance at PTC ASIA 2021

Published: 2021-10-31


The 2021 ASIA International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “PTC ASIA”) was successfully held at the New Shanghai International Expo Center from October 26th to October 29th.

NGC group’s subsidiary, Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear (Group) Co., Ltd., exhibited more than 10 different kinds of gearbox and related products, cutting a great figure at this grand industry gathering. In accordance with the industry’s latest development trends for high efficiency and energy savings, these products amply demonstrated NGC’s focus on customer care, its approach to the market and to NGC’s continuous innovation in the spirit of sustainable development. This was a shining example of the company’s technical strengths gleaned from more than half a century in the industry.

1. MGDS-E Permanent Magnet-Gear Drive System

Permanent magnet-gear drive systems not only come with the advantages of high efficiency, high torque density and an intelligent variable frequency system, but also boast minimal vibration, light weight, outstanding averaged loading performance with variable drive forms, simple installation and operation (avoiding the significant transmission losses caused by traditional coupling), as well as beneficial savings in terms of regular maintenance work, such as shaft adjustment.

2. High Speed Gearbox for Gas Turbines

The high power gas turbine high-speed gearbox is a product based on the independent research and development of the MTG platform product, which integrates a number of advanced technologies. In terms of efficiency, reliability, and overall running performance, the product has met with wide-ranging customer approval and has passed a series of rigorous tests. This product series has been successfully installed in domestic 50MW gas turbine (Class F) equipment, and has also passed international API authentication.

3. Intelligent Monitoring and Diagnostics System

The Gear-Sight series of health monitoring and fault diagnosis for transmission equipment can monitor and record data in real-time, including temperature, vibration and metal wear particles running in oil. It provides intelligent monitoring and diagnostics for product operation and maintenance. In this way, emergency maintenance can be transformed into predictive maintenance, and the system has now become an essential companion for our customers’ production lines, reducing operational costs.

4. Industrial Standard Gearbox

During the exhibition, the popular MHB series, the MBC series for cooling towers, and the MHS series gearbox for metallic ore washing and chemical mixing applications were introduced. They all adopt a modular design concept, featuring a high-precision, hard-tooth face design and unique gear modifications combined with other leading technologies. This ensures a high power density ratio, providing not only a high bearing capacity, excellent noise performance, reliable quality, and a short lead time, but also enables the products to operate under special working conditions, improving reliability by leaps and bounds.

5. Industrial Planetary Gearbox

Key exhibits of industrial planetary gearboxes included the excavator walking drive, shield tunneling machine main drive gearbox and the widely applied MPP planetary gearbox products, all making the most of NGC’s modular design combined with special features specifically created to provide customers with a full range of drive and transmission solutions.

Media Interview

Mr. Wang Zhengbing, NGC Group’s vice president, and president of the Industrial Business Unit was interviewed by Mechanical Transmission. He said that against the background of China’s target for “2030, 2060” to achieve peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality, NGC would guarantee the high reliability of their products. On this basis, NGC not only provides their customers with simple, traditional transmission solutions but also with more extended drive solutions, developing a variety of high efficiency products. These include hydraulic drives, electric drives, and permanent magnet semi-direct drives for wind power yaw/variable propellers, engineering machinery, petrochemical applications, metallurgy, building materials and other industries.

Mr. Wang Zhengbing, NGC Group’s Vice President and President of the Industrial Business Unit (second from left)

Mr. Wu Mingjun, NGC Group Industrial Business Unit’s Deputy General Manager of Technology, introduced the exhibited products’ features and performance capabilities to both online and offline audiences.

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