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China Transmission Wins a Gearbox Order for the Sao Paulo Metro in Brazil

Published: 2021-12-17


Recently, a piece of good news was released by the Rail Transit Business Unit of China Transmission: the company was awarded an order for 576 B23 series dual-stage subway gearboxes for Lines 8 and 9 of the Sao Paulo Metro in Brazil.

Sao Paulo is located in the southeast of Brazil, and is the country's largest city, as well as the largest and most prosperous city in South America as a whole. The B23 subway gearbox has been widely used in other subway lines throughout the world, such as Supervia in Brazil, Sydney, and Lucknow.

High precision, high load capacity, high reliability, light weight

The B23 gearbox was developed and upgraded by China Transmission specifically for subway applications in strict accordance with client’s specification requirements and based on the company's years of experience in the design and production of gearboxes. In order to meet the requirements of high precision, high load capacity and high reliability on the gearbox, China Transmission has adopted advanced gear modification technology in the development and production of subway gearboxes, which has greatly increased the bearing capacity of gears and obviously reduced the noise to meet the clients’ rigid requirements on service life and noise control. Meanwhile, it has also applied the non-linear finite element analysis technology to make a light-weight design of the gearbox casing and thus increase the power density of the gearbox.

The product can be started up and continuously operated at an ambient temperature between -20℃ and 50℃

The design of the gearbox has taken into full consideration the harsh climatic conditions of Sao Paulo by adopting highly flexible materials and improving the lubricant passage design, so that the gearbox can be started up and operated at an ambient temperature range between -20℃ and 50℃.

The gearbox features important advantages such as high density power, a high load capacity, low noise, high reliability and easy maintenance. All key components and parts are designed with a service life of 30 years, and a maintenance-free service life of 1.20 million km.

Devoted to providing global clients with safe, reliable and quiet gearboxes

As an expert & solution provider of gearboxes and power transmissions, China Transmission has been developing its transmission technology for more than 50 years. The company’s transmission products for rail vehicles have been applied widely in such fields as subways, tramcars, inter-city railways, high-speed rail vehicles and locomotives. The company has successively established a long-term partnership with several renowned manufacturers at home and abroad. Adhering to the “zero-defect concept and process”, China Transmission is committed to supplying its global clients with safe, reliable and quiet gearbox products, along with a complete series of gearbox transmission devices and solutions for rail transit. Meanwhile, it has obtained the ISO/TS 22163:2017 (International Railway Industry Standard) quality system certification and the CRCC certification for railway products.

We have over 40,000 subway gearboxes in operation worldwide

Based on the company's optimized gearbox design technology, outstanding sealing technology and effective control of the production process, China Transmission’s rail vehicle gearboxes stand out among its rivals thanks to its environmental friendliness. Today, the company has more than 40,000 subway gearboxes running on subway lines in countries and regions such as China, North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and South Africa. The products are highly rated by end-users throughout the world.

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