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NGC receives a big order for train gearboxes from Tanzania

Published: 2022-06-08


Recently, NGC's rail transit business received a piece of excellent news. The Company received an order of 160 gearboxes for the 160km/h intercity train in Tanzania. The gearbox used is the PSM380 single-stage driving gearbox.

Tanzania is one of the cradles of ancient humans, located in the east of Africa and south of the equator, a member country of the British Commonwealth. The country features a tropical savanna climate. Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, is found here. Its magnificent savanna landscape and rich wildlife resources attract tourists from all over the world.

The PSM380 gearbox is a trains gearbox developed and upgraded by NGC in strict accordance with the client's requirements and based on NGC's many years of design experience. The gearbox features a high bearing capacity, high reliability, and is of an internationally advanced level in terms of noise and overall performance.

Designed with a compact structure

Designed with a compact structure, the gear's bottom plate features an offset design to meet the customers' strict requirements for axial space boundaries. The product is reliable, light-weight, and can satisfy the required operating strength of the project under large torque.

Unique gear modification technology

A unique gear modification technology, suitable for the working conditions of variable loads and high vibrations, gives full consideration to the impact of the offset bottom plate to the tooth surface of the gear. This significantly increases the bearing capacity of the gear, and greatly reduces noise to meet the customers’ strict requirements for service life and noise.

Innovating the design of the lubricant passage route

By innovating the design of the lubricant passage route, the product's heat dissipation performance has been further improved. Even under different operating conditions, the bearing and gear can remain fully lubricated. Based on local climatic conditions, the gearbox can operate normally at an ambient temperature range of -25℃~45℃.

Over 40,000 subway gearboxes are operating throughout the world and have been greatly praised by users

As a global expert in gearbox and transmission technology, NGC has worked hard on transmission technology for more than 50 years. Our transmission products for railway vehicles have been applied widely in such areas as subways, tramcars, intercity trains, high-speed trains and locomotives. We have successively established a long-term cooperation with famous manufacturers both at home and abroad. Adhering to our “zero-flaw concept and process”, we are committed to providing global customers with safe, reliable and quiet gear products, and to providing transmission equipment solutions for all forms of rail traffic. Our products have passed certification for ISO/TS 22163:2017 (international railway industry standard).

Depending on our optimized gearbox design technology, outstanding sealing technology and effective control of production processes, our gearboxes for rail vehicles have shown their unrivalled environmental friendliness. At present, our products have been widely applied in such fields as subways, tramcars, intercity trains, high-speed trains and locomotives. Our products have received excellent feedback from users throughout the world.

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