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NGC Commended for Guaranteeing Supply for Production of “100-Million-Ton Baowu”

Published: 2022-07-04


Recently, Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (Baosteel for short), a subsidiary of the China Baowu Steel Group, released a statement saying that, against the backdrop of pandemic prevention and control, Baosteel has overcome numerous difficulties to ensure the continued, stable production at the Baoshan Base, as well as efficient collaboration among the four major bases. The company has done well in both pandemic prevention and control and production & operations, witnessing a stable improvement in its quarterly performance.

In the battle for guaranteeing supply to Shanghai, the outstanding performance of Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the NGC Group, was singled out for particular praise by Baosteel. On May 30, the company received a letter of thanks from Baosteel and Ouyeel Industrial Products Co., Ltd., offering their thanks for NGC’s efforts in responding quickly and guaranteeing product supply for the smooth production of “100-million-ton Baowu” during March and April.

In early March, NGC received a notice from a cold rolling mill at the Shanghai Baoshan Base of Baowu Steel Group that the parts and components of some looper reduction boxes were in an urgent need of replacement. The company finished the production task within a short time, and tried to find a suitable logistics channel. It contacted the Baosteel’s Meishan Base and coordinated the shipment of goods, opening a practical route for the company to guarantee the full supply to the Shanghai Base via Meishan.

By April, the entire city of Shanghai was facing the huge pressure of pandemic prevention and control. During this period, the main F2 reduction box of the 2050 Hot Rolling Mill at the Baoshan Base needed to be repaired, requiring an urgent supply of key parts and components. As Baosteel sent out inquiries to several manufacturers, NGC actively promised to undertake the challenging task and deliver the goods within the shortest time. In order to guarantee a timely supply, the company set up a special work team and prioritized the Baosteel project. The members of this group were able to overcome a number of difficulties and finally managed to deliver the goods on time, enabling the resumption of operation and production at the Baoshan hot rolling mill.

As a long-term strategic partner and main equipment supplier to the China Baowu Steel Group, NGC has served them for more than three decades, providing reduction box products for nearly a hundred production lines for large iron and steel enterprises under the China Baowu Steel Group. These include Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Baosteel Zhanjiang, Maanshan Iron and Steel and Taiyuan Iron and Steel.

In 1991, the 300,000-ton alloy bar rolling mill production line at the Shanghai No. 5 Steelworks was supported by NGC gearboxes; (with product quality reaching the internationally advanced level at that time)

In 2000, the 2250 hot rolling line of the Wuhan Iron and Steel Group was supported by NGC main rolling mill gearboxes;

In 2001, the 1780 stainless steel hot rolling line at the Shanghai Baosteel No. 1 Steelworks was supported by NGC main rolling mill gearboxes;

In 2003, the special-purpose steel production line of the Shanghai No. 5 Steelworks was supported by NGC rolling mill gearboxes;


In 2017, the special steel bar production line of the Maanshan Iron and Steel Group was supported by NGC 1#-18# rolling mill gearboxes;

In 2019, the 1780 hot rolling line and 2050 hot rolling line at Baosteel Zhanjiang was supported by NGC rolling mill gearboxes, sizing presses, flying shears and coiler gearboxes;

At the first Suppliers Conference & Green and Intelligent Supply Chain Forum of China Baowu Steel Group held in October 2021, NGC was honored as an “Excellent Supply Chain Partner”. The China Baowu Steel Group enjoys a high reputation in the global iron and steel industry. In 2020, its iron and steel output exceeded 100 million tons, ushering in the era of “100-million-ton Baowu”.

The letter of thanks is a testament to the high recognition that China Baowu Steel Group has for NGC. We will not fail their expectations, and will continue to deepen our long-term strategic partnership centered on user value, and provide Baowu, other iron and steel enterprises and all our users with quality, reliable and internationally competitive transmission solutions. In this way, we will contribute to the increased strength and promote the progress of China’s metallurgy industry.

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