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Mining Machinery Powered by NGC

Published: 2022-09-22


The SY650H crawler hydraulic excavator is a Class 60T mining excavator launched by Sany Heavy Machinery Limited in 2021. It can work in different operating modes including bucket and hammer operation. The excavator became a popular product within the mining industry as soon as it was launched, and won the “Annual Gold Award for Market Performance of Chinese Engineering Machinery Products” in 2022.

(Source: Sany Group Official Website)

In order to meet the high load and efficiency requirements of mining operations, the SY650H is equipped with an imported engine, hydraulic system and pump valve. The walking speed reducer, however, is an exception, though it is also a key component. The walking speed reducer used in the excavator was in fact developed domestically by NGC, a brand particularly favored by Sany Group. The NGC walking speed reducer provides surging power for the movement of the gold award winning Class 60T mining excavator, and it is a product that has been greatly praised for its outstanding efficiency and performance, and for its extremely low failure rate.

NGC walking speed reducer

From sample test to batch delivery of the walking speed reducer designed for the SY650H, NGC responded quickly, living up to all of the client’s value creation expectations. To date, NGC has supplied multiple batches to Sany Group for excavator products above 60T. Nearly a thousand SY650H excavators have been equipped with the NGC reduction box, yielding significant benefits for end users around the world.

Relying on high quality products and considerate services, NGC continues to shine brightly in the field of engineering machinery, and has been honored as an “Excellent Supplier” by numerous engine manufacturers. Relying on its corporate spirit of “climb up the summit step by step, strive for perfection bit by bit”, NGC will continue to provide clients with reliable transmission solutions and boost the high-quality development of the engineering machinery industry.

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