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NGC double helical gears for Puhang Steel Group passed A-check

Published: 2012-11-08


On November 1st, 2012, the engineers of Puhang Steel Group, together with engineers of Mitsubishi Hitachi Steel Company visited Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear Group Co., Ltd, a wholly subsidiary of NGC Group, and carried out a series of inspections to the F7 double helical gears.

Engineers of Puhang Steel Group checked the inspection reports and measured the key items of F7 double helical gears, including dimension, gear engagement, axial clearance, and tooth hardness and so on. The measurement showed that the gear could meet the requirement of Puhang Steel Group, and the engineers were very satisfied with the result.

In the evening, Fu Jingrong, general manager of NGC Metallurgy Sales Company had a pleasant conversation with clients from Mitsubishi and Puhang Steel Company.

A letters of thanks was sent to NGC from Mitsubishi on 4th November, in the letter, they showed their appreciation for NGC’s preparation and support to the customer-requested inspection items, and they also mentioned that the success of A-check was relied on NGC’s help.

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