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NGC and Shendong Shenhua Group reached into cooperation intention regarding co-development of parallel shaft gear cutting unit

Published: 2012-11-15


On 8th November, Li Shengqiang, general manager of China Transmission Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd (“NGC Heavy Equipment Company”), had a meeting with Zhang Zifei, chairman of Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Corporation Limited (“Shenhua Shendong Group) in Shendong International Communication Center. The relative managers and engineers attended the meeting. In the end, both parties reached into cooperation intention regarding the co-development of parallel shaft gear cutting unit of coal mining machine.

(Meeting between Shendong Shenhua Group (Right) and NGC Heavy Equipment Company (Left))

Via nearly 4 months hard work, NGC engineers overcame the difficulties of weight, mating dimension, etc, and finally completed the designing program of cutting unit of parallel shaft gear.

This designing program is the pioneer of coal equipment in international market, which has overthrew the traditional designing philosophy of cutting unit of coal mining machine completely. It is designed with 5-stage parallel shaft reduction gear, instead of 2-stage parallel shaft + 2-stage planetary shaft gear. The design is simple in structure, stable in performance, low in failure rate and friendly in assembly and disassembly, and the labor intensity is lowered down effectively as well.

In the meeting, both parties exchanged their opinions in the aspects of difficulties and key points in technology. Shendong Shenhua Group gave very high confirmation to the designing strength of NGC, and they expected for wider cooperation with NGC in the future.

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