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Four NGC Subsidiary Firms Was Appraised as Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Intellectual Property Rights Management Standard Demonstration Unit

Published: 2012-11-28


Recently, four subsidiary firms of Nanjing High Accurate Transmission Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd (NGC) were awarded with the certificates of Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Intellectual Property Rights Management Standard Demonstration Unit. The Certificates were issued by Quality and Technical Supervision Administration of Jiangsu Province and Intellectual Property Office of Jiangsu Province together. These four firms were: Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear Group Co., Ltd, Nanjing Gaote Gearbox Manufacturing Co., Ltd and Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd.

The growth of the enterprise relies on the innovation in technology, management and service. To keep the brand advantages in the market, the company must have the advanced technology and perfect after sale service. As a leading transmission equipment manufacturer, NGC always regards talent and innovation. Over years, the company has gained more than 100 national and provincial awards, such as Prize for Progress in Science & Technology, Excellent New Products Award, New Products Certificate, Certification of Hi-tech Technology Product, Certification of Hi-tech Enterprise, etc. Among which, national awards is over 20, important honorary titles is over 50. More than 30 products are listed as hi-tech products. What’s more, the company is also ranked as demonstration units of State 863 Plan and CIMS Application by National Science & Technology Bureau. Till the end of 2011, the company has gained 167 patents. The company has built up perfect innovative system, and has cultivated a group of talented personnel. There are more than 1600 persons involving into the designing and technologic process. The group technology center was assessed as the national level technology center in 2012.

Based on Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Intellectual Property Rights Management Standard, NGC drafted out a series of documents on intellectual property rights management, including “Management Rules of Intellectual Property Rights”, “Patent Management System”, “Trade Mark Management System”, “Commercial Confidence Management System”, “Rewards and Punishment of Intellectual Property Rights” and “Agreement on Confidential Information”, etc, so as to carry on a scientific and normalized management to the intellectual property rights in relations to the IP rights and production business.

The company set up series of procedures, such as Application Procedures of IP Rights, Control Procedures of IP Rights Retrieval, and Maintenance Control Program of IP Rights regarding effectiveness evaluation, variation and abandonment of IP Rights, Control Program of IP Rights Information Issuance, Classified Contract, Non-compete Agreement, etc to delicate the IP management job.

From now on, the company would strengthen the IP rights management, improve the creativity, command and protection capability of IP Rights, perfect the IP Rights management system and build up a favorable IP right management environment, ultimately upgrade the IP Rights work to a higher level.

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