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Carrying Out the Total Quality Management, to Realize the Continuous and Steady-going Improvement

Published: 2012-12-03


Recently, the international economy kept recessing, and most companies of the manufacturing industry in China were under deficit. Under such a situation, Nanjing Gaote Gearbox Manufacturing Co., Ltd (“NGC-Gaote”) began to seek for new development and breakthrough. As the continuous development and production of new product, the quality becomes a critical issue. Whether the quality was able to satisfy the requirement of the market and the various working conditions, and occupied a space in the market, all this turned to be a new challenge for NGC-Gaote.

To come out a way with these questions, a quality working conference was held in NGC-Gaote in 1st, December 2012. Li Shengqiang, the general manager of the company hosted the meeting. And the meeting was divided into three parts: quality training, group discussion and summary.

The theme of the meeting was “Carrying out the total quality management, to realize continuous stable improvement”. In the meeting, Li Shengqiang gave a detail analysis to the quality problems in this year, and pointed out the quality status. He expressed that the first thing was to deepen the whole company’s understanding to the quality; in such a hard time, all company should work together to overcome the difficulties, change our minds for more innovation, and break the normal procedures to build up the company brand.

Li Shengqiang in the meeting

The staff in the meeting

Speech of the management

In the meeting, Li Shengqing put forward clear requirements, especially the following aspects:

The implement of total quality management could not be done without all stall participation. Every NGC-Gaote person should realize that you are an indispensable part of this job.

All management should carry out PDCA cirle to realize the continuous improvement of the products; and every department should start with basic way of planning, execution, checking and treatment so as to practice the quality management into daily job. The leaders should play the leading role, conquering the fear of difficulties to push forward the meeting spirit.

The quality management way should be transformed; first, it was necessary to pay more attention to the improvement and precautions against the defects, but not rely on the after-inspection; second, each department should coordinate with each other in a good way, third, the management should supervise on the causes but not only the consequence.

The designing department should make sure of the reliability; improve the technical process, and perfect the relative documentations, so as to guarantee that every process had rules to follow. The quality problem of the components should be traceable.The relative departments should work on the constitution and perfection of the technical specification and process control documents.

All the attendants of meeting spoke their minds freely and gave out lot of good suggestion. In total, 117 items of suggestion and ideas were received, covering management, purchasing, outsourcing, machining, storage, equipment, heat treatment, assembly, designing, process, inspection and so on.

In nowadays competitive current, only the enterprise with competitiveness could survive. Among all these competitiveness, the quality always went first. The quality competitiveness included quality level and level of market demand. NGC-Gaote emphasized on the R & D of new product, innovation of technology and process, and promotion of quality management level, and it would be stronger and stronger in the market.

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