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NGC was Appraised As “Customer Satisfaction Enterprise in China”

Published: 2012-12-26


Recently, a selection of “Customer Satisfaction Enterprise in China” was held by China Quality Association and National Users Committee. Nanjing High Accurate Transmission Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd (“NGC”) was awarded with this honor for the second time owing to its outstanding achievement in the industry.

The purpose of this activity was to publicize the philosophy of customer satisfaction, pushed on the implement of clients satisfaction project, and improved the quality and competitiveness of product and service. Referred to the relative regulations of “Product Quality Law of China” and satisfaction degree evaluated from the third party clients, the possible enterprises would be recommended by the regional and industrial quality association and Users Committee, and then the National Users Committee would do the final screening to choose the proper ones.

Strictly following to the quality policy “Quality first, Customer leading, Good Service and , NGC can always recognize the customers’ requirement in the market development, objectify the customers’ requirement in the designing, guarantee the customers’ requirement in the phase of manufacturing, and satisfy the customers’ requirement with excellent service. The company sets up perfect and sound service system and service net all-around-China. The company not only provides high quality technology and products, but also supplies full-scale service before, in-between and after the sales with its brand-new marketing philosophy and advanced management mode. The company has been awarded as “Contract-Honored & Promise-Kept Enterprise in Nanjing”, “AAAAA Level Quality Credit Enterprise in Jiangsu Province”, “Excellent Industrial Enterprise of Quality Management in Jiangsu Province”, and “Jiangsu Famous Export Brand”. NGC is the vice-chairman unit of China Association of Quality Credit Enterprise, and its reduction gearboxes are approved as the satisfactory product in China, Famous-brand product both in China and Jiangsu Province.

NGC stands fast to implement the users satisfaction project, exercise the advanced management philosophy and method, from 5S to 6 Sigma, from 8D to LET, NGC never stops pursuing the proper way to strengthen its quality management. Based on the good quality foundation, the company refines its production process, perfects the process control, and sticks to the technology innovation, so as to provide the high quality products to the customers both at home and abroad.

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