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The vice-president of MAN Co. came to visit Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd.

Published: 2013-04-18


On 16 April, 2013, Mr. HANS OLE CHRISTENSEN, the vice president of MAN DIESEL & TURBO, a diesel engine company from Denmark, came to visit Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as High Accurate Marine Co.), one of the subsidiaries of China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd., along with Ms. Jin Xiaobo, the senior manager in China Office for MAN CO.. They were warmly received by Mr.Chen Yongdao, the general manager, and Mr. Lei Haining, the vice general manager of High Accurate Marine Co, and Mr. Wang Xiang, the general manager of Zhenjiang Tongzhou Propeller Co.

Mr. CHRISTENSEN first visited the workshops of the propeller system and gearboxes. He asked about the equipment capacity, the processing technology and quality standard of High Accurate Marine Co. After seeing the propeller product manufactured for MAN CO, he gave high recognition and appraisal for good quality of our marine products.

After the visit, the group had a deep conversation with Mr. Chen about retrospect and prospect of the cooperation in the marine market between both companies. Mr. Christensen indicated that since 2010 when MAN started to cooperate with China Transmission in controllable pitch propellers, the quality and service of product has been improving constantly. In the meantime, the people in MAN has been repeatedly sent to China Transmission for investigation and exchanges, which have received good feedback. As the vice president in charge of the global resource purchasing, he had much confidence in the future cooperation, especially after seeing the good quality of the product and site management with his own eyes.

During the conversation, MAN expressed its hopes that it will further enlarge the product specification based on the original controllable propeller production, and will expand the scope of cooperation to five sectors including shafting, gearbox, stern tube, etc.

Mr. Chen declared that MAN CO is a famous main diesel engine supplier and has very good reputation in the worldwide market. We have set up substantial cooperation relationship with the permitting manufacturer of MAN CO in China, and we also are willing to expand the cooperation relationships with its headquarter in Europe and make a good service for the world’s shipbuilding industry with product with superior quality.

After the meeting, the group of Mr. Christensen also visited Zhenjiang Tongzhou Propeller Company.

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