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Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd signed 31 orders of propulsion devices for the government official law enforcement ships

Published: 2013-05-22


In recent years, many incidents of disputes and confrontations have significantly increased in the area of East China Sea and South China Sea, such as unexpected events of foreign investigating ships violated our territorial waters, Diaoyu Islands dispute, oil spills at Bohai Sea. There are growing need for law enforcement vessels with large tonnage in order to meet the requirements in the new period to protect our marine resources and safeguard maritime legal rights. In this situation, the State Oceanic Administration has a series of plans of building official business ships.

In the first quarter of 2013, Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., (hereinafter referred to as: Nanjing High Accurate Marine) has signed 31 orders of propulsion devices for government official business ships, including fisheries administration ships in the South China Sea,Yellow Bohai Sea and in the sea area of Guangxi and East China sea, and Oceanic surveillance ships of Oceanic Bureau, and rescue and Salvage of Ministry of Communications.

The orders of propulsion devices signed by Nanjing High Accurate Marine accounted for 70% of the total number of shipbuilding and has become the big winner of domestic propulsion manufacturers.

In recent years, the Chinese government has paid great attention to marine work, who gave positive encouragement and support for the domestic shipyards and equipment manufacturers from the policy, legislative, institutional and other aspects. In this environment, the excellent domestic equipment manufacturers’ cooperations are needed for the building of government official law enforcement vessels.

Nanjing High Accurate Marine takes that make our national brands bigger and stronger as its own duty, attaches great importance to and actively participated in the national projects. The company is one of the biggest domestic manufacturers of marine propulsion systems. It can provide all kinds of transmission and propulsion equipments except for the prime movers, including CPP, fixed pitch propeller, full swing, thruster, a variety of marine main / auxiliary gearboxes and a variety of shaft and rudder system components and deck machinery, etc. Before delivery, joint debugging of adjustable paddle, gearbox and hydraulic and electronical controller is carried out so as to greatly improve the reliability of the product. The raw materials of our products are all from the Group's internal special steel and propeller factory, which has formed strong competitiveness in terms of delivery, price and quality control.

High Accurate Marine currently has provided more than 700 sets of adjustable propellers for the customers around the world, which have also made remarkable achievements in the aspects of military ships, ocean surveillance ships and marine salvage ships and so on. In 2012, the propulsion equipments for provincial ocean law enforcement ships contracted by us has started to deliver according to the orders, including the 1000T ocean surveillance ship of Guangdong Province, which has been on sea trials recently. In the extremely bad weather conditions, the ship speed can meet and exceed the design speed, and satisfied the owners with maneuverability of the new law enforcement ship.

Earlier this year, the marine plateform lift gearbox of Tianjin Desa made by our company has certificated on site by ABS classification society, of which twice overload test has been performed. All the data can fully meet the user requirements of design and load. That means that our high-precision marine engineering equipments has made substantial breakthroughs in the marine equipment industry. In the meantime, the company has become the first manufacturer in the world, of which the type of the product was approved by the ABS classification society when the new specification of marine lifting platform (since January 1, 2013 implementation) was carried out.

Currently, the propulsion system and platform lift system for government official business ships made by Nanjing High Accurate Marine have been put into production and will be delivered later this year according to the orders. The Company always adheres to the spirit of " climbing step by step, diligently refinement." We should apply the advanced standards and good quality in the production process in order to made great contribution for Strengthening law enforcement power of the state official ships.

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