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Nanjing High Accurate Marine won the bid of controllable pitch propeller system for deep-sea AHTS of China Oilfield Services limited

Published: 2013-09-17


Recently, Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. stood out competitively from foreign famous controllable propeller companies. It successfully won the bid of the controllable propeller system for 8000HP deep-sea AHTS of China Oilfield Services.

As a high-end customer in ocean engineering industry, China Oilfield Services runs with high performance offshore vessels, which have high requirements on performance and reliability of CPPs . In the past time, such equipment was monopolized by foreign manufacturers.

Besides transporting the needed equipments, dry or liquid drilling material and other cargos for offshore oil exploration, exploitation and production, the deep sea AHTS vessels of China Oilfield Services can also perform towing, anchor handling, salvaging and escorting, etc. The vessels to be built are equipped with four engines and two screws, under CCS, sailing in non-restricted waters and with JOYSTICK joint operation system which enables joint operation of propeller, rudder and tunnel thruster.

Following the general requirements of SDARI, Nanjing High Accurate Marine has finalized the technical plan of CPP system after several technical communications with ship-owner and SDARI. This plan and performance were highly approved by them. Besides, the ship owner, SDARI and the shipyard also made site visit to the production plant of Nanjing High Accurate Marine. They all deeply appreciated the design ability, technological process, processing capability, quality control and production environment of Nanjing High Accurate Marine.

Before then, Nanjing High Accurate Marine has already received many ocean engineering vessel propulsion system projects. The successful bid of the controllable pitch propeller system for the 8000HP deep sea AHTSI proved that the product technology, quality and performance of Nanjing High Accurate Marine have been recognized by the high-end customers in this industry, and the company is in the way of capturing the high-end market of ocean engineering vessel propulsion equipment.

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